Survival Pro™ | Survival Sleeping Bag

Survival Pro™ | Survival Sleeping Bag

Survival Pro™ | Survival Sleeping Bag

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On average, approximately 13 people die alone in the U.S. each day while they’re camping, hiking, or trekking out in the elements. When you head out to see what Mother Nature has to offer, it’s essential that you’re prepared for anything. The weather could suddenly take a turn for the worse, and your level of preparedness could very quickly determine whether you live or die.

The Survival Sleeping Bag is a must-have to help prevent the sudden and drastic effects of frostbite or hypothermia. 


1. Stay Warm: The lined interior of this sleeping bag is designed to reflect your own body heat back at you with nearly 90% efficiency. In seconds, this sleeping bag can help you warm up in even the coldest conditions.

2. Resists Wind & Water: This bag is designed for rough weather with a body that’s made from tear-resistant polyethylene that keeps out the wind and moisture, helping to keep you safe and dry.

3. High Visibility: The Safety Orange color of this sleeping bag will increase your visibility and your chance of rescue in dangerous situations.

4. Rugged Design: With a robust body (both lining and exterior shell) that’s made from the very best polyurethane and polyethylene materials, you’ve got a sleeping bag that’s tough enough for any situation.

5. Thoroughly Tested: This design has seen action worldwide in some of the harshest environments and in the hands of seasoned rescue professionals. Snow, rain, wind – it doesn’t matter. You’ll be safe!

6. Easily Portable: It’s easy to make this bag a part of your kit because it only weighs 125 grams (1/4-pound). It folds easily and can go right in your backpack, camping kit, or you can leave on in your car just in case.

7. Extras Included: Along with your new survival sleeping bag, you’ll get a 120-decibel whistle attached with a rugged carabiner. Along with this highly visible sleeping bag, you’ll have the tools you need to help rescuers find you if you’re lost while hiking, camping, or trekking.


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"My sleeping bag was delivered just as promised. Size, weight, and appearance are just as advertised. They work great. I will never go out without it inside my bag and my car. They are stored 'just in case' of emergencies."